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How I Became An Escort In Sheffield

Obtaining an SSTC in English was paramount in my mind before I resolved to becoming an escort. For various logistic reasons, I was not able to accomplish this plan and so I gave up the dream of becoming one. Diligently and dedicatedly I followed the curricula that concerned all aspects of sex work and feminism which I created for myself before making the leap. Like many others, I had this true belief that the act of being an escort would get me empowered.

However, this wasn’t the case with me. Many other women must have been emboldened through this path which must have helped them to find increased equality. In the two years, I have spent in the industry, I have had experience with various women of all backgrounds and ages who feel that the best way to earn a living for them is escorting. This is because it allows them to pay their college tuition fees while girls like me can earn a living without having to get involved with a McJob.

As a girl who grew up in a respectable way, I never dreamt of living my life as one of the escorts in Sheffield. I desired to have a reputable job after I was done with college but along the way my dad cut me off and so I had no other choice, owing to the fact that I was laden with all kind of expenses including rent, college fees and so on.

Although I later found a great job as a waitress in a very famous restaurant in Sheffield and was earning a decent living (about €500 per week) which is quite okay for a student, yet I wasn’t able to make any substantial saving because it never lasted long with all my expenses.

One fateful day, there was no money to eat, let alone to fuel my car and so that day I boarded a train to school. Yes, I went to school, my zeal to finish as a graduate made me to still attend classes. This was when I saw the ad on a poster that read “Make easy, fast, money. Call BB on 07493-444402.

Instinctively, I knew what it was all about and for the very first time, my mind was roaming on how I was going to get the job of common with most Sheffield companions. My thoughts ran deep, however, I’d consider giving him a call 14 days later. When I called him, he fixed a rendezvous with me in his car at the place of my choice.

As a 20-year-old girl I was so naïve. I had never known the guy before, however, I got into the passenger seat when he pulled over the side of the road that night. It was then he told me I was hired.